The 1970 school bus disaster

Henley on Klip

28 January at 2.10pm

The train hit the school bus, killing 23 children from Henley, Daleside and Meyerton.


28 January 2017 was the 47th commemoration of the disaster.

Memorial #1










The Midvaal Junior Mayor, Kara Pretorius, represented the Junior Town Council

Memorial #2














Leaders from Dr Malan High School laid wreaths

Memorial #3








Spinning is always a great attraction at the two-days event                        

Memorial #4

Two pipers entertained the people

Memorial #5









“All men are born equal, then some become brothers”


September 11th 2001 three hundred and forty three firefighters were killed when the Twin Towers collapsed under fire conditions, after the planes hit the towers.

Due to the complexities of the situation, there were no fireman’s lifts available and they had to run up 110 storeys to perform rescues. It was during this process that the towers imploded, killing them.

It is now custom in America in a great number of cities and towns, to commemorate the day by hosting a stair climb during which the aim is to climb the equivalent of 110 storeys. Where there are no high rise buildings, sports stadiums and the likes are used to simulate the stair cases.

The Daleside Volunteers wish to annually host such a day in memory of those brave men. The first event will take place this year.

Furthermore, we intend establishing a memorial in Daleside for the firefighters with the intent of creating international awareness of the fact that we are the first outside of the USA to host such an event. We expect the idea will spread like wildfire through South Africa.

Both career firefighters and members of the public will be most welcome to participate; firefighters will be expected to wear ‘full gear’ in sympathy with their brothers who died.

It is not a race; there will be no winner(s), no prizes. The 343 were the winners.

The first event will serve as a fund raiser for the Daleside Volunteers’ fire engine, a vehicle that was acquired to serve as a training unit; the vehicle still has to be equipped.


Entry rules:

  1. The application form and instructions are found in the website:
  2. All over the age of sixteen may enter for the full course.
  3. Children may climb the first 100 steps as a token only. The cut-off point will be clearly identified.
  4. Firefighters are requested to wear full gear; members of the public may dress to cheir own comfort.
  5. Entrants are obliged to check with their physicians whether they are in fact fit enough for such a climb.
  6. Entrants do not have to complete the full course; if they cannot proceed they simply fall out.
  7. All must ensure they are well hydrated.
  8. Entrants will be staggered so that order can be maintained.
  9. Marshalls will be in attendance to assist climbers.



1.The first 343 entrants to register will pay R343 each. They will receive a splendidly designed T-shirt included in the fee.

2.All other adult entrants pay R110 (representing the 110 storeys climbed). They will be able to buy T-shirts at the event.                                       These will be of a different design from the 343.

3.Children (under sixteen) pay R50 each.

4.Online registration facilities will be created. The first 343 will be identified from on-line registration.


 A sister in the brotherhood is a brother.


Project 343 Stair Climb #1













Project 343 Stair Climb #2




We climb because they climbed