About us

And what is the “V” all about?

So you noticed the “V”, and it puzzled you, and then you saw some more “V”s and just so many, many more until your curiosity got the better of you, and then you noticed not only did the “V” appear in lights, they also appeared in beds sown with sunflowers, en you thought what on earth?

And then somebody whispered: “It’s the Volunteers……”V” stands for volunteer”; and you thought great stuff, who are they and what do they do? And can I also be a volunteer? How would it feel if my whole community is a community of committed friends, a village of volunteers, and I’m the one left out?

What can I do to be a volunteer? How do I join them, what is required of me? What will be expected of me?

And then someone said: “Go to Highbury House on certain Wednesday evenings, where you will be introduced to the programs and where you will meet new friends and where you may register and become a proper volunteer”.



What exactly is the Daleside Volunteers?

A group of Daleside residents got together early January (2014) and resolved to found a volunteer group. It was duly done and soon we boasted a great number of members; at the date of this article being prepared there are 700+ registered members in the structure.

We have identified a number of goals and aims and, although it still sometimes seems like there is great confusion, we have done an enormous amount of work since the inception of the group. Firstly we decided to call ourselves the Daleside Volunteers. This implies that residents of Daleside are eligible for membership. There is no age restriction; school going children are as welcome to join as what their parents are.

We simply intend to make Daleside a happy place to live in; nice surrounds, a nice village like atmosphere, nice people doing nice things for each other. We believe it is possible for a restricted suburb such as Daleside village to be a happy place; a place where children are able to play in the streets, where neighbors know each other, where criminals do a double take before the hawk their filthy drugs or push their prostitution, thereby threatening the well-being of our children.

If you are not yet a member of the Daleside Volunteers, please consider obtaining membership? We desperately need you…. And you, and you!

We will be hosting a public evening again on Wednesday, March 26 @ 6:30pm at Highbury House (196 Bokmakierie Street, Highbury).


Please come along and decide for yourself whether you too think it may be a good idea!



What are the aims of the organization?

-       To minimize criminal activities in Daleside by giving our sincerest cooperation to the CPF, the police and where possible, to those neighborhood watches that are registered with the SAPS.

-       For each member to endeavor to play a positive role in our community; for the young ones to respectfully participate in all youth activities – for the elderly to contribute by way of giving us their knowledge, wisdom, energy and the funds required to manage such an entity.

-       To establish sports clubs where our residents may participate in running marathons / cycling events / soccer games (formal and informal) and much more.

-       To establish soup kitchens and bingo clubs and a choir and a gym for members and plenty more.

BUT we need people who are willing and able to help us and we need people who are interested in taking part in all the activities.


What the Daleside Volunteers is not

-       We are not a vigilante group that wants to take the law into our own hands (in fact we expect our hands to be rather full with all the activities, so we will not be able to take the law into our won hands).

-       We are not a lot of moaners and cry babies who know only to complain and to be miserable; we do however wish to be positive, friendly, helpful and innovative.



What are some of the major projects we are working on / planning?

  • The idea occurred to us that we wish to give special credence to the victims of the school bus / train accident of 1970 where 23 children died a horrible death. We wish to ensure that through our contributions, the world will know what happened on that day and that those children should not be forgotten; we are planning on establishing a memory lane and a proper memorial for them.
  • We were extremely lucky to have been donated the right of use on a piece of land in Kroonarend Street (alongside the bridge), which will form the crux and centre of most of our activities.
  • Leon Kirchner donated the use of the land / he fenced the land just recently / he donated a pole with a South African flag and to top it all, he fitted a solar panel and a set of LED lights on top of it, displaying a lovely letter ‘V’.
  • Leon intends erecting a number of buildings and facilities on this land; we will give more information about these facilities in the next issue of the newsletter.
  • We are in the process already of registering a formal athletics club; this will enable us to offer fully registered, fully acknowledged marathons which we will host as fund raising events. We are convinced we will draw participants from all over the country to these events.
  • We will hold car boot sales and night markets and flea markets on the land.
  • We will erect a volley ball court (beach style) where the volunteers can play volley ball; and the youth will be able to play soccer.

And of course……… stacks and stack more to come!!



Daleside resident we need you!!

Be bold, be courageous!!