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Volunteerism: a universal phenomenon

To be a volunteer means so much more than just to be able to say: “I’m a volunteer”. Throughout the world volunteer groups are formed, to a lesser or greater degrees, to serve the communities these volunteers live in. In Western Europe only 18% of emergency services personnel are career people; the rest of the positions are taken up by volunteers: in the fire services, as paramedics, traffic wardens, police reservists, army reserves, etcetera.

There are two main stream categories of volunteers: (1) retained volunteers, who are involved with municipal structures and are paid a small monthly stipend, and (1) unpaid volunteers. The Daleside Volunteers initiative was founded on the second model; all of us put in our time and effort at no charge to the community. None of us ask for remuneration; we’re in it for the service to others, not for the money.

We started the campaign in January 2014 and look where it has brought us in such a short time. We have had a great number of people who joined us and regularly participate in our activities; but as you can imagine, we need every person in Daleside and Highbury to throw in their full weight into this effort.

This blog will serve as a communication platform. We invite you to comment and to voice your opinion; we have only one request: be fair and do not overstep the boundaries of common decency.

Thank you for your participation.


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